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Claire Kronshage, Piano Technician

Claire has been playing piano for most of her life and holds a Bachelor of Arts from UW-Eau Claire in Music: Piano focus. Later in life, she studied under a certified teacher in the N. Jane Tan method of piano pedagogy and still teaches a small closed studio of students.

She has been a member of the Piano Technicians Guild since 2018 and attends Milwaukee chapter meetings and national conferences regularly. She tunes and preps/regulates pianos for Artistic Piano Service and Sales in Waterford, Wisconsin and also services pianos at UW-Milwaukee.

Claire loves to bring new life to pianos, from old "family pianos" to high-end grands in the store. When she tunes in your home, studio, church, or institution, she's happy to evaluate your piano to let you know what adjustments or repairs could be made to improve its performance and lifespan.

"The best part of this job is knowing that a good-sounding and proper-playing piano will invite itself to be played more." ...and more music makes the world a better place.

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